Monday, July 1, 2013

A Bimbo High Timeline

Hello all! So, as I previously discussed, I wanted to do a Bimbo High timeline both for you all to see how things have progressed and so I can stay true to a "real" timeline. I decided against doing a caption, because I thought of a better idea - a timeline with links to all the captions! You can use the links to follow all of the caps in the series in order! Additionally, I added some "future events" to the timeline that include ideas I have that I want to do or events I plan to make caps about - that doesn't mean that there won't be additional caps not listed, I just listed big events in a school/calender year plus other things I thought of that don't spoil surprises I have set up. So without further ado, here it is:

Before School:
  • Matthew meets his freshman "Buddy" Nathan, who he gets along with, and his sophomore "Buddy" Bella Black...whom there is more to than meets the eye!
  • A week into school, Matthew learns that there are gangs of "bimbos" (his name for feminized boys) controlling the bathrooms, with the Booties controlling the freshman restroom!
  • Matthew is making friends with his "Buddy" Nathan, a goth kid named Dan, and his stoner roommate named Sky - but unfortunately, he finds that his psychology professor Ms. Peters is NOT someone he wants to be friends with if he wants to stay a boy.
  • The best part of Matthew's first month is meeting his girlfriend Cassandra "Cassie" Cooper. Unfortunately, she is close friends with his devious "Buddy" Bella...but it is worth it to be with Cassie!
  • The worst part is when his roommate, Sky, gets caught and punished for smoking pot...and chooses to extend the punishment and stay as "Sindi" because he likes getting high off special lip gloss!
  • Matthew's Buddy and best friend Nathan tells him about having to crossdress as a part of the hazing ritual of the soccer team...but Matthew worries that its more than simple hazing...
  • Bella gets wind of Matthew's concern over Nathan and tries to help him out by showing him a friend who went through a similar situation...but the results of "Ava" scare Matthew more than it assures him.
  • It is nearly the end of his first quarter and Matthew begins to worry about the mandatory volunteering he has to do...volunteering that turns the boy Scout into a Girl Scout named Scarlett!
  • Near the end of the month is homecoming...Matthew looks forward to taking Cassie, but when she can't go he decides to dance with the beautiful blonde Amanda...who shares a surprise with Matthew during a slow dance!
November - First Week:
  • Matthew needs to get volunteer hours - 10 of them - fast before the end of the quarter. He tries his hand at tutoring with the N.E.R.D.S. program...but his student seems to love N.E.R.D.S waaaay too much.
  • Matt ends up completing his volunteering hours by being a model in Cassie's art class...and receives a very unwanted "award" hanging in the art gallery.
November - Second Week To End of Month
  • The news spreads about Matty's "Painting of the Month", leading to an offer to join the "Barbies", the gang that runs the junior bathroom.
  • Bella tells Matty not to worry about not joining the Barbies because she found a suitable replacement in the ex-basketball captain "Bethany"...a revelation that shows Matty what he might have become.
  • Parents weekend (Parents come to see students)
    • Matty meets Cassie's parents over Parent's week
  • Winter break - Matty stays at the Best Institute with some new temporary roommates
  • Winter formal
  • Flu Season (pills and shots handed out)
  • Matty's second quarter volunteering hours
  • Valentine's Day
April - First Two Weeks
  • April Fool's Day
  • Matty's third quarter volunteering hours
April - Last Two Weeks
  • Prom
  • Matty's last 10 volunteer hours
  • Graduation/end of year/culmination of series

A lot of stuff, and I apologize for it being so long, but if you have any additional events you think I should include, let me know! Also, what should Matty's fate be? I have an idea of what I'd like to happen, but if you all have a result you want (full feminization, stays as boy, partial feminization, should he join a "gang", how will his relationships with Cassie/Bella turn out, etc.) let me know!


  1. Great solution. I was just pondering if other readers are like me and like digging through the archives, or if a first timer might not leave confused. I think this solves that very cleverly.

  2. I know I would love to see full feminization. somehow I don't think he will make it past the flu season with all the pills and shots. also I would love seen him actually join a gang. like I said before I am loving this series and I can't wait to see what happens next.

  3. I am loving this series so much right now. I can not wait for prom and what will happen to matty. Keep up the great stories.

  4. Love the series a lot, I'm in favour of Matty leaving Cassie and joining a gang!

  5. As much as Matty might think he just wants to survive the year and get away... I think he should end up embracing full feminisation, persuading his brother to come back and complete the transition, and becoming Cassie's lesbian sweetheart.