Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That Awkward Moment...

WARNING: This cap is much more explicit than any of my other caps due to the image (and possibly the caption itself, depending on where your values are). But I decided to run the cap because the image is sizzling hot and it allowed me to play on a possible incident that could happen to any person walking in on on their roommate. Hope you enjoy...and maybe you'll even have to do what Sindi's doing after reading the cap ;)


  1. Heh, veeeeery interesting! I think it was the right call to run with this cap because it really drives home something significant about this development in the story - namely, that Matty's arousal raises all sorts of questions and opens the door to a lot of self-examination on his part. Was it the cock he was aroused by, or Sindi's feminine features? If the latter, how does that change Matty's attitude to the other bimbos, now that he realises that he a) finds their feminine features just as arousing as those of a born girl and b) isn't necessarily put off by them having something extra? Or is it the combination of penis and femininity that turns Matty on? If so, is he turned on because he likes seeing Sindi like that or is he turned on because of the possibility of becoming like that? I think Matty's going to be doing a lot of soul-searching about this... possibly whilst doing something remarkably similar to what Sindi's up to in the cap. ;)

  2. I'm glad you ran with the cap. I don't mind seeing pictures like that. I may not put any in my stories, but I still enjoy them.

    I like the fact that Matty was getting turned on by her. I think out sets up for some interesting stories later. Maybe even Sindi noticing and trying to seduce him away from Cassie. How ever you decide to go from here I know it will be great.

  3. OMG! what a turn on, as a married man i fantasize about this a lot! probably more than i should. I for one would not walk away from a hottie like her with a nice plump tool hanging below! where can i find her in Connecticut?