Monday, February 18, 2013


Welcome to this little blog! I decided to start this blog after the closing of one of my favorite TG Blogs, Elena Starz TG Stories/Captions, who really inspired me to create captions of my own. I contacted Elena and earned her permission to start a blog under the name "Serena Starz" in order to continue the Starz tradition of TG captions with blondes, bimbos, hypnosis, and all the other wonderful varieties that I fell in love with thanks to Elena. Thus, Serena Starz TG Captions was born! I'm going to try and make captions similar to Elena's in format in content but with my own twist, and hope you will all like these captions as much as I have!

P.S. This blog's format and picture (of the lovely Tara Babcock, who deserves all credit for such lovely photos) will imitate that of Elena's, but all captions will be mine. Also, all pictures are not my property and credit is due to the respective author(s) - captions are meant to be an piece of art, not profit off pre-existing works!

-Serena Starz