Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not One, But Two, and Possibly Three Bimbos?

Hello everyone! This was a very unexpected cap but I just HAD to caption this great pic of Kesha. I adore her as a singer, with her appearence, style, and music lyrics portraying the bleach blonde bimbo I love. However, she is apparently quite bright, which reminded me of a certain devious bimbo in this series (that, and the bright red lipstick in the cap!). So I decided to whip up this cap...I don't expect much to develop from this specific cap, but who knows - if it means capping Kesha again, another mention might be worth it!


  1. I'm surprised that Matty hasn't snapped yet and dove into the bimbo pool with all the temptation he has had, I know I would have long before now.

    I have always liked Ke$ha and to think that you made her a model for a Bella look-a-like is awesome. Keep up the great caps. You are an amazing capper and I wish I had the capping talent that you have, I'm more on the long story side of things. I've missed seeing your caps and look forward to your return whenever it may be, I just hope it's not too much longer as I think I'm starting to get withdrawals lol

  2. Just checked back because i thought you were taking a long break on your captions and found that you had made some really good ones. hope your still enjoying making these as much as I enjoy reading them.

  3. I was checking back to see if you were back yet. I miss reading your captions and love your Bimbo High caps. I really hope that you come back soon. I feel like there is a gaping hole in the community. Please come back soon.

    1. I agree - I really love the Bimbo High series.

  4. Great caption. I'm hoping you won't stay away for too long ;) I just found your site, and am looking forward to viewing the rest.

  5. Why has serena stopped posting?