Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Note

I plan on releasing all images that I have stored for my three major series - Duck Flu, Mildew High Dress Code, and the old Bimbo High. For each series I did have some plans in the works that I would release if people are interested in hearing/would like to emulate themselves in some fashion. I've added three polls that will last just three days to gauge interest so please vote if you have an inclination one way or another! Once the polls are done, I will try to have the Duck Flu images up the next day (with some plot spoilers if the poll sees enough positive votes), and the other two series in the next two weeks.


  1. From the polls so far i would say thats a yes. I have to say i was considering offering to continue the Mildew high series and to get the boys into more scrapes.

    1. Well if that is something you want to do go for it! Part of the reason I'm posting these images is in the hopes that it might inspire the work of somebody else! Just let me know if you actually want to do this and I'll try to offer some help before I go!