Sunday, May 19, 2013

Student "Body" President Sidney Davis

Hi all! I got two lovely comments from MsLaraYves and Kathryn giving me praise on my first "Bimbo High" caption, and that has really motivated me to get captioning more for this series, so thank you to both of you! These next couple of captions coming up will be explaining some general concepts, ideas, and important people/positions at the Best Institute, otherwise known as Bimbo High. However, if there are more than just two of you reading these, I would like to know if I should:
  1. Tell stories as an outside observer about what "might happen" at Bimbo High in 2013 (as in future tense) with some anecdotes from 'previous years' that can be more specific.
  2. Tell stories in real time with more dialogue between characters and/or descriptions of what actually happened to the Bimbo High Class of 2013 upon entry to the school.
  3. Tell stories from the perspective of one student who is attending Bimbo High for the first time as a student in the class of 2013, meaning third person descriptions with references to the narrator/the narrator's understanding as well as dialogue between the narrator and other students.
I hope I explained these possibilities well enough for the bimbos of you out there :p  I could mix options and don't have to have an answer now, but if I am going to do JUST option 3 I would like to know soon so I can start developing the characteristics/personality of the student who will be narrating. Anyways, please comment below and enjoy this series!


  1. Don't we just love Acronyms. Great CAP.

  2. I would guess that I'm not the only one who tries to imagine themselves in the stories, so #3

  3. I would suggest to use mainly number 3 but use the other two now and again to keep the series fresh. Im really looking forward to reading more about bimbo high, keep up the good work

  4. I would have to agree with the other ladies here. Number three sounds the best with the most possibilities of stories and variety. However I also like two which can be used occasionally for more even variety.

  5. Heh, I just noticed - three major characters in the story (Matty/Bella/Cassie), three major offices that need to be filled each year. If our trio end the year being elected to SBP, SLUT and WHORE that'd be a great setup for a sequel series. :D