Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mildew High Dress Code Ideas and Images

Hello everyone! So I've finally got around to posting my collection of pictures and ideas for the Mildew High Dress Code series! This series was inspired by a wonderful caption created by Ian in an old caption contest of mine and, amazingly enough, the story might come full circle in that Ian has considered continuing the series himself! While others are welcome to write their own spinoffs or use these pics/ideas in any way they choose, I highly encourage commenting on this post with suggestions for cap ideas or story plot concepts, as it might help inspire Ian's work or the work of others!

So the way I've structured this post is similar to the last one for the Duck Flu series - I'll start out with some bulleted points discussing ideas I had for the series and then throw out the pics I had in storage. This time, however, there are quite a few special images I've had ideas for, which include suggestions that you can take or leave as you like! With that in mind, here's my thoughts!

  • Unlike the Duck Flu series, there was less of a linear plot and more of a collection of caps related to the theme. This is reflected below in the Cap Ideas section below, which include individual plots regarding field trips, club presidents (anime specifically), or picture day.
  • With that in mind, there were a few plot developments that I wanted to address. The first is the eventual requirement that all male teachers adhere to The Code as well. I was planning on having a cap where it was explained that a large percentage of male teachers were taking advantage of feminized students a la Candy Collins, and as punishment/empathy training Miss Clarke would enforce this new policy upon teachers. This would lead to a wider range of captions, such as one about a strict new disciplinarian/hall monitor (the latex beauty in the Cap Ideas below) or slutty new teachers who model requirements of The Code well.
  • The second and less developed concept I wanted to address was what would happen to the initial implimenter of The Code in Ian's cap, the infamous Warren. My lack of a concrete vision was because there were a couple paths I could see for Warren, such as:
    • Gets bullied by upset male students and/or required to be a role model by Miss Clarke. Results in him looking sluttier and sluttier even though he hates it.
    • Pretends to like the new look or at least too cool to let it phase him...but eventually does truly like it. Perhaps even tries to act out a la Candy Collins!
    • Another interesting twist would be that Warren transfers schools. However, Miss Clarke 'accidentally' sends information that he is a female student named Wendy and is thus stuck looking like this at a new school. The intrigue from this is that we could get caps at another school (students over there reacting to him) or at Mildew High (reacting to news of what is happening to Warren).
  • Finally, the last idea I contemplated was adding another school into the mix. I was shying away from it because I wanted to focus on Mildew High in the beginning, but here were the ideas I was thinking of:
    • A rival school that makes fun of Mildew High boys and forces them to be cheerleaders/prom dates at their school.
    • A "sister school" (abroad or local) that adopts the same policy, but it much more accepting of the changes unlike the Mildew boys who tend to complain.
    • A boarding school where unruly/disobedient boys are sent by Miss Clarke and strictly trained to be simpering sissy/bimbo/slutty schoolgirls. Some students return to Mildew and scare other boys into obedience.
That's all I got! Enjoy the pictures and be sure to post ideas if you want to share/help Ian out!

Warren Follow-Up caps

Cap Ideas
(Students were often led on "field trips" out in public...which were really excuses to humiliate the boys by making them jiggle and wiggle in full view of everyone around)
(Picture day was very different...boys posed like models for full body shots now)
(Thin boy with soft hair suddenly has way to get popular)
(New sexy school officer/disciplinarian/hall monitor)
(Teacher who likes change in policy)
(internship through school or foreign exchange options still demand dress code)
(nervous teacher)
(Anime Club President...suddenly popular)
(For Halloween boy and two friends from other schools dress up as schoolgirl sluts...boy is smiling because his friends will soon be forced to transfer in and those costumes will be daily outfits)

General Photos

(Students Forcibly Feminize Teacher after he makes fun of them?)
(Crop out guy)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Duck Flu Ideas and Images

According to the poll, there were more than enough people interested to justify a write-up of my thoughts on how the Duck Flu series was to develop. If you are not interested in hearing what my ideas were going to be, this would be the time to ignore the text and just enjoy the images below!

  • Bimbo Inc.'s internal research notes revealed a brief overview an unknown disease caused by an experiment gone wrong. A researcher named Steve Stoat was the first known case of the condition, which was named the Duck Flu after the bulbous glossy lips that all infected subjects sported. The disease had many other known side-effects, mostly involving the transformation of the host into a bleach blonde sex-addicted bimbo. Bimbo Inc. confirmed that the disease had spread to 13 researchers, of which 5 had escaped without being detained.
  • Jed Sampson of Bimbo Inc. was tasked with finding the escaped employees and assess how much the disease had spread in the public. Initial discovery of junior researcher Luke Jenkins revealed more about the rapid mental and physical changes the disease caused, and that the disease had definitely spread to at least some external sources via oral sex.
  • Identification of Thomas Thorpe was achieved shortly after, but Jed was unable to produce any additional information due to severe mental changes in the sex-crazy "Titi".
  • One female researcher was found unaltered, although Jed discovered that her boyfriend Ivan had been transformed recently. Jed was able to learn more about the disease from Ivan (before the brain started to get fixated on sex), postulating that women could be dormant carriers of the disease.
  • Finally, Jed tracked down the last two researchers, Samantha Blue and Quentin Bayes, but found that Quentin was dramatically changed and located at a strip club. A conversation with "Quinnie" quickly turned into a scramble for sex, and Jed was unable to resist Quinnie's advances.
  • Bimbo Inc. has heard nothing from Jed in the last two days and are starting to get worried. Their attention is sidetracked when they receive a video recording from an anonymous source who hides their face but clearly displaces their bulbous lips and big breasts (implying that they are a Duck Flu victim). The person calls themselves "The Kisser of Death" and threatens in a sing-songy voice that they are going to expose key members of society to the disease. Bimbo Inc. employees laugh off the video, figuring that the mental changes will change the bimbo's focus to something long and hard.
  • A week later another video comes - this time the Kisser is displeased and reveals her first victim. The recording switches to a pink-lipped dirty blonde who claims to be Jed Sampson! Jed says that the Kisser captured him and knows more about the disease than anyone in Bimbo Inc. - he begs to be found before the changes fully affect him.
  • The CEO of Bimbo Inc. authorizes a full personnel search to track down Jed and locate where the Kisser is. They start by going back over Jed's tracks, starting with a more developed Ivan. Although he is more sultry and interested in sex than talking, he does confirm that he didn't get "play with" Jed before he left.
  • The next step is to find Quinnie at the club where Jed had reported going to. Quinnie is still extremely dumb and can't remember much considering her dozens of sexual partners.
  • Frustrated with no leads, employees return to Bimbo Inc. to shocking news that the containment center had been broken into and patient zero Stacii Stoat has been released! All that remains is a lone video tape and a note "From the Kisser of Death XOXO"
  • Running the tape, expecting to see the Kisser with additional ransom demands, the CEO is surprised to find a much blonder and more developed Jed talking. He reveals that the Kisser has found a antidote for the mental (if not physical) changes of the Duck Flu and offered him some doses in exchange for his support. The new "Jenna Symptoms" explains that Stacii Stoat was captured to prevent Bimbo Inc. from producing a full antidote...which the Kisser will develop and use to blackmail the world!

So those were the ideas I had developed! From that point on I was debating whether to continue to the plot (and develop the characters of Jed/Jenna and the Kisser more) or just jumping into general caps about the world where the disease is spread freely (things like dying your hair to pretend like you aren't a Duck Flu bimbo or going to a party and catching the disease from someone). Below I've included all pictures I was considering using (including some more photos for the Kisser and Jed/Jenna). Feel free to cap them either in light of the series or in some other way you can imagine!

"The Kisser of Death"

Jed Sampson/Jenna Symptoms